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Qila Gobindgarh

Gobindgarh Fort – the very symbol of Punjab. A character of the times when Punjab was forged. Spread across a grand 43 acres, right in the heart of Amritsar city, this magnificent heritage site has a glorious history of its own. It spans 263 years, right from the era of the Bhangi Misl to Maharaja Ranjit Singh to the British East India Company to the Indian Army. Now finally, it opens its gates to the people of Punjab. Despite being under restoration, the Gobindgarh Fort has gained popularity in such a short time and has become one of the best places. Due to its importance in Amritsar’s history. Many visitors have already declared it one of India's best places. Discover the grand stories of the past. Discover the history of one of the best historical places in Punjab.

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