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Fakir Azizuddin Bastion

3 Halls interconnected through the arches, adding a unique charm, far beyond the flat convention hall of a 5-star cookie-cutter approach. You can hire one of the halls or if your event is larger, you can hire all three the interconnected ones. This Bastion has a large open-paved platform too that you can use to combine the outdoor with indoor

  • Total Area: 467 Sq. Mtr
  • Adjoining Open Area: 221 Sq. Mtr
  • Capacity: 100-150 pax
  • Dining: 50
  • Entry Points: 4


The Sardar Maha Singh Lawn stands at the very forefront of the central courtyard and has the colonial bungalow with its imposing staircase made on a Sikh plinth, at one end. It also has a ready-made 174 sq. mtr. stage and is in-fact the venue for the now famous projection mapping show whose exclusive show can be arranged for your guests.

  • Total Area: 2295 Sq. Mtr
  • Adjoining Open Area: 1314 Sq. Mtr
  • Capacity: 500-1000 pax
  • Dining: 250
  • Entry Points: 3

Diwan Mokham chand bastion

3 Interconnected Halls with gently sloping magnificent ramps leading to a big landing platform, this Bastion is located in the North-West of the Maharani Sada Kaur Lawn.

  • Total Area: 466 Sq. Mtr
  • Adjoining Open Area: 384 Sq. Mtr
  • Capacity: 150-200 pax
  • Dining: 75
  • Entry Points: 4


The Maharani Sada Kaur lawn with the dramatic back drop of Keeler Gate on one end, two Imposing Bastions, on either sides and the colonial bungalow's impressive staircase on the other end- provides a remarkable ambiance. We can make custom designed stages against any backdrop to suit your needs.

  • Total Area: 4178 Sq. Mtr
  • Adjoining Open Area: 4983 Sq. Mtr
  • Capacity: 1500+ pax
  • Dining: 500+
  • Entry Points: 3