Capturing Heritage: Top Photoshoot Places in Amritsar

Photos are the new words and the new way to communicate. With the advent of social media, everyone is expected to brandish a collection of photographs that communicate your lifestyle and highlight the important people in your life. The most important pictures are the ones with your significant other as they tell all about your love story. Instead of just posting random pictures, one should take time to do a good photoshoot in a grand and picturesque location such as Amritsar.

You do not have to hire expensive photographers or buy costly equipment to do a great photoshoot. All you need is time, patience and some attractive backdrops to frame you and your significant other in an interesting setting. Your phone has enough clarity and functionality to take professional looking and attractive photographs that add a breath of fresh air to your timeline and breathe new life into your old relationship.

The resulting photos can then be shared everywhere and can communicate oceans of meaning to close friends and strangers alike. In the age of social media, good pictures can travel thousands of miles instantly and be seen by millions of people for all eternity. Therefore, it is important to take time and visit some interesting locales for quality photography. But were can one go for a variety of stunning backgrounds?

Amritsar for Photoshoots

The city of Amritsar in Punjab is a great destination for photography. Within easy driving distance from Delhi and Chandigarh, Amritsar has just the right mix of natural beauty, historical monuments and a vibrant, festive culture to give you unique pictures that are sure to dazzle on any medium. Here, you can visit a number of parks, historical sites, tourist attractions and luxurious restaurants to get that perfect scroll-stopping snapshot that speaks volumes.

One of the best and most impressive photoshoot places in Amritsar is Qila Gobindgarh. This is a mammoth fort built in a very interesting style that uses Mughal, Sikh, British and French architectural motifs. The fort has been closed to the public for a long time but has recently been renovated, restored and opened up to the public.

Here, one can get a variety of interesting and engaging backdrops that will help you create stunning and timeless photographs with a regal and classy feel. The many rooms, walkways, walls, fortifications and ramparts of the fort provide unlimited opportunities and angles for creative snaps that look good and are full of meaning and connotation. The fort also offers fully renovated and modern sections for a full range of photos.

How to do a Photoshoot

The best way to get incredible results from your photoshoot is to prepare well. Think about the kind of pictures you want instead of shooting haphazardly and hoping for the best. Instead, feel free to download reference shots from other people’s shoots that you like and want to emulate. Also make a “prop box” that contains any clothes, makeup, accessories and props that you may want to use during your shoot.

For even better results, you can brush up on your knowledge of the art of photography and read some articles and books on angles, framing, composition, lighting, shutter speeds and after effects. A little bit of photography knowledge will go a long way in creating pictures that rival those found in the latest glossy magazines, fashion websites and Insta feeds.

As discussed, you don’t need any expensive equipment for your shoot but there are a few inexpensive tools that you can acquire to enhance the shoot and make things easier for you. A basic tripod or stand will surely come in handy as will a remote clicker, especially if you do not have anyone assisting you. You can also buy inexpensive clip-on lenses for your phone camera, foldable reflectors and a battery operated ring light to emphasize facial features.

Photoshoots at Qila Gobindgarh

Since Qila Gobindgarh has opened up to the public, the management here has been very open and even encouraging towards photographers who want to shoot inside the fort. A number of great professional shoots by renowned photographers have already taken place here and the results are truly mesmerizing.

Shooting at the Qila is much better and much more comfortable than shooting on the road or in open public places because you are protected and have access to a number of facilities inside the fort. For the best results you can even approach the management and get a permit or pass that will allow you total freedom to shoot as and when you like.

You can also capture your love here in the timeless charm with a memorable pre-wedding shoot in Punjab.

The fort is so large and labyrinthine that it is advisable to spend a few hours or even a day to just explore the compound and identify ideal places to capture. A seasoned and knowledgeable guide can be a great help during this reconnaissance and can even help you make sure that you are not doing anything that may damage or disrespect the heritage property.

With a little bit of luck, you will end up with a treasure trove of beautiful photographs that will make you look good, capture the beauty of the fort.






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