Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in India

Photographs are worth a thousand words. With the advent of social media and digital photography, we have entered a very visual and visceral world where showing is definitely more important than telling. A single image, well composed and artfully edited, can now communicate oceans of meaning and beauty for a long time to come.

This allows us to capture the most important moments in our lives easily, share them freely and store them for all eternity. But a good photograph needs a good backdrop and finding good locations for photo-shoots is becoming harder and harder everyday in a competitive creative space. Here’s a guide to nailing the perfect backdrop for your most important snapshots.


Wedding photography

One of the most sensitive and significant forms of photography is pre-wedding photography. These frozen frames in time will be seen by a lot of people indefinitely. Therefore, every effort should be made to make them look visually appealing and also to capture underlying themes and motifs that will reverberate forever.

To do this, we can divide photography into parts: foreground and background. While we all know how to look our best and to groom ourselves for portrait photography, it is harder to choose a good location or backdrop that will cover most of the space and thus give the pictures their unique feel and mood.

Studio Photography is cheaper and more convenient but usually ends up looking fake and contrived. Printed backdrops and green screen effects simply don’t feel real and may end up taking away from the gravitas of the occasion. For truly captivating snaps, it is best to make the extra effort and hunt down a good location, as in the end, your efforts will surely reflect in the final outcome.

Best locations for Wedding photography

When it comes to weddings and other life-changing events, it is always good to use nature as a backdrop. Trendy décor and modern furnishings that look appealing now will surely look outdated and even comical in the future. On the other hand, nature is a classic beauty that never tires or goes out of style.

Another general rule for memorable photography is to use natural light. Nowadays, a number of new technologies allow all manner of artificial lighting that can be eye-catching at first glance but become boring and even irritating over time. Therefore, it is best to do your photography in the great outdoors and organize your pre-wedding shoot accordingly.

If you have to show some structures or walls, it is best to use old and rough walls made out of stone or some other such texture. This allows for a number of interesting photographic techniques and also makes the final product more interesting and immersive.

In general, it is always good to use old-fashioned themes for wedding photographs as they tend to age better than slick and modern scenes with straight lines. Remember, it is best not to experiment too much with these types of sessions and avoid any new-fangled or overly expressive exposures.


Good locations for Wedding Photography

 One of the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Amritsar Punjab, that always seems to produce amazing results is the famous Qila Gobindgarh in Amritsar, Punjab. This is a beautiful and formidable fort that is made in the traditional Punjabi style but incorporates aspects of French, Persian and British architecture. Within its labyrinthine passages and daunting halls, many immersive images are waiting to be captured.

The fort is so massive that it contains a seemingly unending number of photogenic corners and spots that can be creatively used to produce many different types of compositions. This is important as wedding photography often lacks variety. Changing the backdrop and including different perspectives will keep the collection fresh and engaging forever.

The fort also overlooks wonderful fields and ample greenery that can be incorporated into wide shots. Natural greenery and organic material always provides interesting aesthetics and remains engaging to human eyes, more than any gadget or technological marvel ever can. With rolling fields and manicured lawns, Qila Gobindgarh can be portrayed as a natural wonderland and idyllic paradise.

The best reason of organizing a pre-wedding shoot at Qila Gobindgarh is that it was extensively restored and renovated quite recently. Therefore, it has many of the creature comforts and facilities that are necessary for artists to have a smooth shoot. The entire team can have lunch at the amazing fine dining restaurant inside the fort called Kesariya Darbar or they can opt for quick traditional bites at the Zaika Gali.

Getting permission to shoot at interesting locales can be a fool’s errand but luckily, the management at Qila Gobindgarh is very responsive and responsible when it comes to photo shoots. They are extremely helpful and seem to understand the needs of demanding photographers. If you respect the heritage property and follow some basic rules, you can look forward to some masterpieces as eternal as the fort itself.

There have been several high profile photo-shoots at Qila Gobindgarh and the prints are nothing short of spectacular. Using light, shadow and the ancient structure, the resulting photographs seem to imbibe the timelessness and that “eternal feel” which is the touchstone of what wedding photography should be all about.



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