Must watch 7D Show – Sher e Punjab at Gobindgarh Fort, Amritsar

Qila Gobindgarh in Amritsar is steadily gaining in popularity. With amazing restoration work, convenient culinary options and immersive experiences, it is coming into its own as one of the best tourist destinations in the city. In particular, the new and improved 7D Show called Sher-e-Punjab is especially worth watching and highly recommended for all visitors to this unique heritage property.

What is a 7D show?

A 7D show is a truly immersive and experiential multimedia show that is designed to give people a feel for history. While many shows and presentations stress on dates, names and historical facts, a 7D show is designed to create a deeper, more intuitive and more memorable experience that is especially attractive to young minds with the aim of sparking curiosity and appreciation for the history and heritage of our nation.

About the 7D Show at Qila Gobindgarh

The 7D show at Qila Gobindgarh tells the story of the late great Maharaja Ranjit Singh through sounds, sights, actions and reenactments. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was famously known as Sher-e-Punjab and was instrumental in molding the history of Punjab and the Gobindgarh Fort. This show pays heartfelt tribute to one of India finest warrior Kings and brings his story to life.

The show lasts for about 30 minutes and is mainly about the legendary Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the Sikhs. Superbly designed and thoroughly researched, the show is an evolution in the long-standing tradition of “Light and Sound Shows” that are popular all over the world at historical sites and monuments.

Using light, sound, animation and other techniques, visitors are transported to a far away land and a bygone era. It traces the narrative of the great king and highlights some of the incidents and events that shaped his life and legacy. It provides a sneak peek at the illustrious warrior, whose tales of valor and bravery are the subject of lore and myth all over Punjab and have even reached far corners of the world.

About Maharaja Ranjit Singh

The show is a must see for history buffs and fans of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Using the fort itself as a backdrop, the show illuminates different parts of the structure to highlight the places where these events took place. A formative figure in the history of Punjab, the Maharaja is call Sher e Punjab or the Lion of Punjab as he was completely fearless in battle and won many victories in the face of overwhelming odds.

Besides being a fierce warrior, Maharaja Ranjit Singh was also a skilled politician and wise statesman. Using all the tools available to him, he was able to consolidate and grow the Sikh Empire to its most lofty heights. At the zenith of his rule, the Sikh empire covered the entire Indus valley and included Kashmir, Punjab, Lahore and even parts of Afghanistan.

Under his rule, Punjab became the highly developed and culturally advanced state that it is today. Many of the traditions and practices that we follow come directly from the Maharaja’s time and incorporate his wisdom and vision. He also helped spread the message of Sikhism and allowed its ideals to develop and flourish.

The show is specially recommended for children as it piques their curiosity and seeks to make history more engaging and exciting. When supplemented by the megalithic fort and other experiences such as museums, conducted tours, cultural shows and rides, it helps develop a healthy curiosity for the past and deep seated pride in the present.

Show Timings and Tickets

Anyone visiting Qila Gobindgarh can see the show by simply buying a ticket. The show is available in English and in Punjabi, making it accessible and suitable for all visitors. The Sher e Punjab Gobindgarh timings and ticket prices are as follows:

Timings: 10 AM to 8:30 PM

Price: Check website

Location: Qila Gobindgarh

Hope you enjoy the show!



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