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Famous places are a lot of fun to visit because you can discuss them with other people. They form a shared experience that we all have and can identify with. This is why many people relentlessly search out and visit famous places and mark their visit with photographs and souvenirs. In this Blog, we will look at some iconic places in Punjab that you should visit if you have not been there already.


Many Punjab Famous Places are located around the Amritsar area and are easy to cover in a short time. While most visits to famous landmarks are short, you can choose to explore a particular place in depth at the end of your visit once you have seen everything in Amritsar. Making Amritsar a base, you can visit a few other cities in Punjab that have interesting and must visit places. Let begin with Amritsar:


  1. Golden Temple: This is perhaps the most famous structure in India after the Taj Mahal and is supposedly visited by more people than the Taj Mahal. A beautiful Sikh place of worship, the Golden Temple is surrounded by a lake and adorned with gold. The amazing ambience and sounds of Kirtan make every visit to this holy place a spiritual experience.


  1. Jallianwala Bagh: A must visit place for every patriotic Indian, the Jallianwala Bagh is a park in Amritsar that is now a monument to what happened here in 1919 under British rule. A bloody massacre of peaceful protestors here was instrumental in creating the determination and yearning for independence that finally led India to become free in 1947.


  1. Wagha Border: Another great place to visit for patriots, the Wagha Border is only 28 Kms from Amritsar and offers visitors a chance to see the much talked about India-Pakistan border for themselves. Various ceremonies and functions are held here including the Beating Retreat Ceremony, Flag Unfurling, Changing of Guards, Singing of the national Anthem and more. Visitors can visit the Wagha Border and return to Amritsar the same day.


  1. Gobindgarh Fort: An old fort built along French and European architectural lines, Qila Gobindgarh is an impressive and large fort that was originally built to protect the people of Amritsar from invading hoards. The fort was home to the famous Kohinoor diamond and also the seat of power for Maharaja Ranjit Singh, one of the most famous kings of Punjab. Now, the fort has been restored and has several attractions for tourists including a 7D show and several museums and restaurants.


  1. Darbar Singh Sahib Kartarpur: This is a holy site for Sikh people because it is the last home of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism. The site is located in Pakistan but Indians are allowed to visit the site if they do the proper documentation and fulfill the formalities. Visitors from India visiting the Gurudwara have to go in the morning and return the same day. They are only allowed to visit the holy site and not permitted to anywhere else in Pakistan.


  1. Rock Garden: Located in Chandigarh, the rock garden is a beautiful monument to sustainability. Made out of recycled waste and meticulously designed, the Rock Garden is one of many stylish and modern structures in Chandigarh that have made it famous. The city is worth visiting just for its architecture.


  1. Mubarak Fort: Located in Bhatinda, the Qila Mubarak is a famous fort that is representative of the many amazing forts and palaces in Punjab. This fort is also one of the oldest and been renovated many times but remains one of the best specimens of original Indian architecture. Its curved spaces and high ramparts are impressive to view and fun to explore.


These are the main sites in Punjab that every traveler should check off from their list. Once you have seen them for yourself, you can join the conversation about the significance of each site and best to preserve and promote them. There is a lot that you can learn from books and academic sources but a physical visit is necessary to get a sense of the place.


Besides these well-known destinations, there are many other famous places in Punjab that you will discover when you visit. If you love old forts, temples and good food, you will love your trip to Punjab and keep coming back here. As you travel the state, you will also begin to understand the culture and appreciate the many things that make this part of India so popular with tourists.

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