Amritsar is a traveler’s dream come true. The largest city in Punjab, Amritsar, is one of India’s most deeply spiritual places. Tens of thousands of devout Sikhs and visitors from other cultures go to Amritsar every day with the express purpose of visiting the Golden Temple, which is renowned across the world. There is nothing like wandering the glistening structure and dining with dozens of other visitors in the vast, volunteer-run kitchen of the temple.

Are you prepared to discover Amritsar’s enchantment for yourself? Using our list of the top Amritsar attractions, you can organize your vacation to this cherished city.

The Golden Temple – The Golden Temple, a two-story building plated in genuine gold and encircled by a 5.1-meter-deep man-made lake, is unquestionably Amritsar’s top attraction. But this fabled religious monument is more than just a tourist attraction; for Sikhs, who frequent the temple frequently, it is one of the holiest sites on earth.

Gobindgarh Fort – Gobindgarh Fort, which is situated in the very center of Amritsar, echoes the interesting history of Punjab and provides insights into the occasions that helped to create the area into what it is now. The famed Golden Temple is only around 2 kilometers away from the 18th-century fort, which has a more than 250-year history. It served as the Indian Army’s stronghold after independence. Presently, it acts as a living museum where guests can experience Punjab’s history.

Wagah Border Ceremony – A strange border-closing ceremony happens every afternoon at dusk at the Pakistani border, which is 31 kilometers west of Amritsar’s city center. The Beating Retreat Ceremony, which is full of pomp and ceremony, features an elaborate display of goose-stepping guards from the Pakistan Rangers and the Indian Border Security Force saluting each other, lowering and folding their flags, and shutting the border gates.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum – Popular museum Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum is located in Amritsar, Punjab, in the heart of the lovely Ram Bagh Garden. It is one of the stunning places to visit in Amritsar and a well-known tourist attraction in Amritsar. The Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum was formerly the summer residence of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the founding monarch of the Sikh Empire. In 1977 CE, it underwent a conversion to become a museum.

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