Places to visit in India in 1 day

Amritsar is a fascinating city and has many interesting places to visit. If you only have one day in this great city, it becomes quite difficult to decide what to see and what to leave out. To help you, we have compiled a short list of things that you absolutely must do in Amritsar if you only have one day.


Of all the places to visit in Amritsar in 1 day, the Golden Temple is perhaps at the top of the list. In fact, it is so ubiquitous that we will not even add it to the list. We simply assume that you will start your day of exploration by visiting the temple early in the morning to pay your respects and witness the early morning ceremonies held there. You can also have some healthy breakfast in the area before you begin your grand tour Amritsar.


  1. Gobindgarh Fort: Since this is one of the main attractions in Amritsar, you can start your journey here or alternatively, end it at the fort to dine out at the famous fine-dining restaurant at the fort called Kesarya Darbar. At this interesting and fun fort, you can go one camel rides, take tours, see cultural shows including the famous 7D show and also visit some museums inside its gates. The fort also has a very interesting food court called Zaika Gali that features street food from all over India.


  1. Wagah Border: Although the border is some 30 Kms away and gets wuite crowded with tourists, you can choose to make a visit there, especially if you have never seen it before. This is a bucket list item that can be quick stop or a longer stay if you want to watch the Beating Retreat Ceremony held here on most days.


  1. Jallianwala Bagh; Located in the heart of the city close to the Golden Temple and Gobindgarh Fort, Jallianwala Bagh used to be a popular park in the city of Amritsar. Then, in 1919, British Troops aided by their Indian lackeys opened fire on peaceful protestors here, enraging the people of India and hastening their march to Independence.


  1. Partition Museum: The partition of the nation into India and Pakistan was one of the most trying times in the history of the country. The story of this event can be understood at the only partition museum in the subcontinent where visitors can see original artifacts and see pictures and film from that time.


  1. Durgiana Temple: A temple dedicated to the goddess Durga dating back at least 500 years, the Durgiana temple has a stunning architecture similar to the Golden temple and also has a gilded dome. The temple has intricate marble carvings is surrounded by a lake in the Sikh style.


  1. Street Food Walk: Downtown Amritsar has a small district that is famous for its street food. A short walk through this district will show you all the street food options available in Amritsar so that you can try whatever you like. Around this district, you can find small eateries and Dhabas for a full meal and also shops tht serve different types of shakes.


  1. Heritage Walk: Amritsar also has a great walking tour that takes you on a tour of the different heritage sites here. A guide explains the history of each monument and you are free to ask questions or buy souvenirs. The walk is also a great way of meeting fellow tourists in Amritsar and for covering a lot of ground in a short time.


  1. Turban Museum: The Turban Museum is located inside Fort Gobindgarh and stores original and replica headgear of different kinds. A tour of the museum teaches visitors the significance of the turban in Punjabi and Sikh culture and the meaning behind the different types of Turbans worn by different people.


  1. Kesariya Darbar: One of the best and most famous restaurants in Amritsar, Kesriya Darbar offers the best of Punjabi cuisine along with gourmet offerings from the history books. The focus is on giving guests a royal experience and the food and service here is legendary.


As you can see, you can get a lot done in Amritsar in one day if you plan it right. Within a day, you can cover the main places of interest in Amritsar and get a good feel for the city. Even if you don’t cover everything, you are sure to have a great time in this amazing historical city.

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