Top 5 Dishes in Amritsar

Qila Gobindgarh is fast emerging as one of he best tourist destinations in Amritsar, Punjab. Once a ruin, the Qila has been painstakingly restored to its former glory and then opened up to the public. Now, anyone can come in and experience this amazing heritage property, take in cultural shows, go on guided tours and visit the mesmerizing weapons museum featuring historical armaments and battle dresses.

Besides its historic significance, amazing architecture and majestic lawns, Qila Gobindgarh is also one of the best places for a gourmet meal whenever you’re in the neighborhood. Today, we’ll take a look at its fine dining restaurant called Kesariya Darbar and sample 5 of the best and most royal dishes that have made this treasured restaurant a connoisseur’s coveted conclave.

About Qila Gobindgarh

Located in the heart of Amritsar, Qila Gobindgarh was once the seat of power in Punjab. At one point, it was presided over by the legendary Sikh warrior king Maharaja Ranjit Singh and its famous treasury housed the Kohinoor Diamond. It is built in a unique style that incorporates both Indian and European motifs and is an amazing place to explore for adults and children alike.

Inside Qila Gobindgarh, there is a lane called Zaika Gali , which serves some amazing street food from all over the country, with special emphasis on Punjabi delicacies. This is a great place to grab a bite during your travels, but for an immersive and gratifying meal, the Kesariya Darbar is the place to visit.

About Kesariya Darbar

Using ancient recipes that were once prepared at the Qila for royalty and visiting kings, Kesariya Darbar seeks to provide a luxurious dining experience for its modern day guests. Its extensive food and beverage menu features both north Indian classics as well as some interesting historical and avant-garde dishes that will amaze and titillate even the most ardent gastronome.

Although all the dishes served at the Darbar have their own charm, there are some that are absolute masterpieces and must be tried by anyone coming here in search of the fabled authentic Punjabi taste that has enamored palates and adorned dining tables all over the world.

Lets take a look at 5 of the best dishes in Amritsar served here:

  1. Ancient Grain and Toasted Sunflower Seed Salad: Made mainly from Bajra, the traditional Punjabi grain that grows best in this region, this is an ancient version of the modern day salad. With cherry tomatoes and “the worlds best Pomegranates from Kandahar,” it is a nourishing, healthy and deeply satisfying ensemble that once fueled kings and soldiers before major offensives in wartime Punjab.
  2. Nadhru Yakhni: You may think of the lotus stem as an eastern delicacy but long before it became popular at Chinese restaurants, it was grown on the banks of the Satluj River and prepared with fennel and curd. It was prepared and enjoyed at Gobindgarh and made its way throughout the Sikh Empire, which spread from Kashmir to Kandahar.
  3. Birbali Kofte:Ground spinach dumplings marinated in a rich tomato and cashew gravy, this dish will leave you speechless. Prepared in the traditional way with an ancient mixture of potent spices, it is exemplary of the “makhani” dishes of Punjab that are the perfect accompaniment to the buttery naans, parathas and soft bread typical of the region.
  4. Chicken Tikka Masala: Succulent, juicy and tender chicken pieces spiced right and cooked to perfection, this dish is probably the greatest culinary export of India. Found almost everywhere in the world where chicken is prepared and voted as the most popular dish of Great Britain, it is hard to imagine that it was first perfected in royal Punjabi Kitchens like the one at Qila Gobindgarh.
  5. Anjeer Kheer: According to legend, this dessert was first introduced to the subcontinent and made popular by Peshawar Governor Abu Taleb, who first tried it with the Shah of Iran. A creamy, milky dish made with figs and flavored with cardamom, it has since become a staple of Indian meals and a symbol of the far reaches of the erstwhile Sikh Empire.

Besides these gems, the vast menu of the Kesariya Darbar is chock-full of other amazing delicacies that are as fearless, flavorful and innovative as the culture that produced them centuries ago. With a dash of courage and a penchant for tradition, you can enjoy a truly royal meal at this unique culinary institution that will satisfy all your cravings for rich Punjabi food but also temper your palate and instill a sense of pride in Indian cuisine.




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