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Dipped in history and culture, Amritsar- The Golden City, has the world’s renowned tourist spots which acts as a magnet to boost the state’s tourism. The most sacred place of Sikhs- Gurdwara Harimandar Sahib, popularly known as The Golden Temple tops the charts in the best places to visit in Amritsar. Apart from the Golden Temple, the city is well known for its culture, heritage, food and its artwork. From flavorsome food to thrilling tales of historical monuments, from vibrant bazaars to colorful festivals, this blend of spirited things gives you ample reasons to pack your bags and leave to visit the city right now. Here, we have a list of Amritsar tourist places that you must visit while in the town.

Amritsar Famous Places:

There are many famous places in Amritsar. To make your work trouble-free, we have formed a list of the places you can explore while on your voyage to this heritage city.

Golden Temple aka Sri Harmandir Sahib: The main jewel to the crown of Amritsar, Golden Temple is the prime attraction point in the city. This shrine built in the 16th century is the most sacred place for sikhs in the whole world. With exquisite architecture, this temple is a highly popular place. Originally named as Sri Harmandir Sahib, it gained its name as Golden temple because of gold plated walls in the main temple.

Visit the temple early in the morning to witness ‘Pal ki sahab’ and feel the peace and calmness in the air.

Wagah border: Bring out your patriotic side and witness the change of guard ceremony at Wagah Border– The only running road between India and Pakistan. While the sun goes down, “Beating the Retreat” ceremony performed by the soldiers turns out to be a colourful treat to watch for the visitors. The ceremony usually starts at 5:15 pm in summers and 4:15 pm in winters. So try to reach early to grab a perfect seat.

Jallianwala bagh: A historic garden and ‘memorial of national importance’, Jallianwala Bagh is one of the best places in Amritsar to visit.  The sad folk tales of freedom painted by this garden can not be compared to any other memorial in India. The massacre of 1919, which left hundreds of children, women and men dead on a festival day still gives goosebumps. The walls of the garden still have bullet marks for the tourist to witness.

Gobindgarh Fort: Spread across 43 acres, Gobindgarh Fort is already named as the best among the Amritsar tourist places by the visitors. This witnessed too much gore that has marked the city’s history from the 18th century. The fort narrates different tales in the form of 7D shows, museums and dance performances. A day out at Gobindgarh Fort while in the city is a full package of fun, food and history.

Durgiana Temple: The sacred place for  Hindus, Durgiana Temple is located in the middle of a holy lake. Temple becomes the most visited spot, especially in Navratri. Durga Tith and Sitla Temple are two other names by which it is famous in the city. The architecture and its own unique ambiance grabs tourist attraction.

Other than visiting tourist attractions, here are the things to do that will definitely add a star to your vacation.

  • Must eat the mouthwatering Dal Makhani and paratha at the world-renowned Kesar Da Dhaba.
  • Shop phulkari, papad wadiyan, artifacts, Punjabi juttis from the local markets like Hall Bazar.
  • Try out street food around the Golden Temple.
  • Visit the Partition Museum to know more about 1947 incidents
  • Have a soulful Langar prasad at Golden Temple.

If your heart is not yet full, then walk around Golden Temple to listen to the peaceful melodies, wander around Sada pind, Akal Takht, and know more about Amritsar and its history in Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum. The list of best places in Amritsar is never ending. Even if you are here for a week, you have ample places to experience, abundant food to try, and markets to buy. With the growing interest in history and monuments in travellers’ hearts, Amritsar tourist places are receiving immense love from the explorers.

Don’t wait to unfold the history of this Golden City- Amritsar!

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